Family-owned, personalized service for your Land Cruiser.

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Tim Simpkins, Owner
You want to keep your Land Cruiser on the road and running smoothly for as long as possible. That’s our mission here at Land Cruiser Specialties, too, and we’re here to help you get the most from your vehicle.

Land Cruiser Specialties has been in business since 1977 servicing and modifying Toyota Land Cruisers, and every auto that comes into our shop benefits from our years of experience with Toyota vehicles. We treat every vehicle like it’s our own, with excellent attention to detail and great communication, to make sure you understand all of the options that are best for your specific vehicle.

We have a longtime passion both for older and newer models of Land Cruiser, and we’ve even gathered an impressive collection of used parts over the years. You’ll find nearly every Land Cruiser part imaginable in our 1500 square foot warehouse–just take a look at our online shop, or contact us directly to see what we have.

We love working on your Land Cruiser as much as you love to drive it, and we look forward to giving your off-road vehicle the best possible care.

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